General terms and conditions for all rooms

Please remember when you come to the building that there are likely to be clinical, academic and training activities going on in the building.  We urge all visitors and staff to bear this in mind at all times when using the building.  

Administration and communications

All correspondence should be sent to:

Please note that 10 Windsor Walk does not have in-house staff or a receptionist.
Please provide your patients with a mobile number they can contact you on.

Terms and conditions for room bookings

  • Once your booking form is signed and returned and associated payment received, you can use the treatment room in accordance with these terms and conditions. You will need to provide a copy of your current professional registration certificate and professional indemnity insurance certificate as a condition of the contract.
  • Bookings must be requested and confirmed via our booking software, Hallmaster. You will receive an email inviting you to create a Hallmaster account, where you will be able to view the room booking calendar and request single or recurring slots. When your booking request has been approved you will receive a confirmation email from Hallmaster.
  • Once a room is booked in your name, it is reserved for your use unless you have to cancel in line with the cancellations policy.
  • It is expected that you will be using the consulting rooms for psychoanalytic consultation or treatment. You can email if you have any questions about the appropriate use of rooms.

Use of consulting rooms for children

If you are seeing any child under the age of 18 at 10 Windsor Walk, ensure that your professional registration body covers you for this work, and you are advised to contact your insurer and inform them of this fact. You may not otherwise be covered by your insurer. It is your responsibility to ensure that you have the correct professional indemnity insurance for your clinical work. 
It is also a condition of private room use for seeing children that you ensure proper arrangements have been made with the parent/carer of any child up to 14 years old to not leave any child unattended in the building when they are not in their session with you.  If a child is 14-16 years you should have a clear agreement with the parent/carer as appropriate about whether the child has their permission to leave the building on their own.

General consulting room use

You may give your consulting room address as:

Consulting Rooms
10 Windsor Walk,
London SE5 8BB

Please provide patients with your own contact telephone number.  
Consulting rooms must be vacated in good time for the next session to start.

Always leave the room as you would like to find it. Return furniture to its usual place.

Please refrain from taking food into consulting rooms. Basic cleaning materials are available in the basement cupboards if you need them.

Rooms are available from 07.00.
Final sessions of the day end at 21.00

It is important to indicate that you are not seeing patients on behalf of the South London Centre for Psychoanalysis. Please do not name the centre in your writing paper or give the impression that the centre is in any way clinically involved or responsible for your patient.

If the room you have booked appears to be in use at the time when you have booked it, it is in order for you to knock on the door and open if necessary.  Bear in mind that this might happen to you if you overrun a session or use a room at a time you have not booked for.

Building Maintenance and Holiday Closure

We may need to ask what your break plans are in order to facilitate any maintenance works. You will be informed well in advance and not be charged for any times when the building needs to close.

Building Access

10 Windsor Walk is equipped with an intercom system that allows visitors to call a room directly from the main front door panel. Visitors press the number of the room you have booked for the session, followed by the hash key. For example: 8#. Each room has a wall-mounted,iPad-like panel that lets room hirers view visitors and release the front door latch remotely. 

Payment and Cancellation Terms and Conditions

10 Windsor Walk CIC requires fees to be commercially viable for both the charity and therapists during initial years of operation. The Board review rates annually and contact room hirers should any changes be made.

 Rates for payment:

Group rooms: £30 per hour or £45 for 1.5 hours
Bookings less than 10 hours a week: £15 per hour
Bookings of 10 or more hours a week: 12.50 per hour
Ad-hoc bookings £12.50 or £15 per hour depending on above

e.g –
For two hours a day, four days a week ongoing, the weekly fee would be £120.
Or for 4 hours a day, five days a week ongoing, the weekly fee would be £250.

Invoices are issued monthly and must be paid by direct bank transfer
We would be grateful for payment to be made within 10 days.

Cancellation of bookings

  • FOUR weeks’ notice is required for cancellation of any single recurring appointment. It is assumed that termination of sessions will be something worked towards (or that patients understand that they are responsible for the payment of sessions if they break off treatment) and that this period is therefore reasonable. The full room hire charge will still apply for this period of notice.

Safety, security and facilities

Please note that 10 Windsor Walk does not have a waiting room or reception area.
There are seats in the hallways for those who wish to wait outside the consulting room.

It is advised that patients arrive no more than 5 minutes prior to the appointment.
Please share building access information with new patients in good time.

Fire Safety

As a room user it is imperative that you familiarise yourself with all signposted emergency exits. The main fire exit is the rear double doors on the lower ground floor leading into the garden. There are two additional exits at the front of the building on the ground and lower ground floor. 10 Windsor Walk is also fitted with illuminated fire exits and fire routes. There are no designated fire marshalls based at 10 Windsor Walk, so you must take action immediately upon hearing the fire alarm.

Action in the event of a fire:

  1. Leave the building through the safest exit. If you are with a patient at the time, please ensure they also exit swiftly and safely. 
  2. Congregate at the rear garden muster point
  3. Contact the fire brigade as soon as possible

Health and Safety

The First Aid Box is in the kitchen to the left of the door. Any events, including near-misses, should be logged. There is a book inside the box to record these. Please also make a note of what pieces of the kit have been used so they can be replaced. 


Do not come to 10WW if you have any symptoms of Covid or if you or your household are self-isolating. Patients need to be made aware that they must not come to 10WW if they have any symptoms of covid or have been in contact with anyone. 

Please wear a face covering and any visitors should also wear a face covering. You should provide these yourself however there are spare medical masks in the ‘Office Supplies’ drawer of the basement if you need them. Wash or sanitise hands on arrival. Couches have wipeable covers and couch roll is available.

The most important factor is ventilation: On entry to 10WW open windows in the shared hallway and landings and ground floor bathroom.  Also, Room 8 and Room 2 windows can be opened. Window keys are in a blue labelled tin in the admin drawer in the basement. We expect individuals to open and close windows in their rooms. If possible, leave windows open during sessions.

Closing windows
The last person to leave needs to check all windows are closed: including kitchen, ground floor bathroom, window in the hall beside the bathroom, the window between 2nd and 3rd floors, and the windows in Rooms 8 and 2. 

Windsor Walk has pay and display parking.
There is a payment machine opposite 10 Windsor Walk or you can pay online or by using this App:
1 hour = £2.80. 2 hours = £5.60. Maximum 4 hours.

Bicycles can be locked up in the rear garden. The cyclist will need to access 10 Windsor Walk by taking the path to the left of number 4 Windsor Walk, and turning left along the rear of the fenced houses. 10 Windsor Walk has a sign on the rear gate.

Mobile Telephones
We kindly ask that mobile phones are not used in the public areas of the building.

The building is cleaned professionally every weekend.
Cleaning materials are available in the basement.
Individual clinicians need to use cleaning materials to wipe couch covers, change paper roll, wipe door handles. 

Bin collection is very early Tuesday morning. For those in the building on a Monday night, please bring the bins up from the bottom steps at the front of the house to the pavement. 

Opening up and locking up

The first person needs keys and to switch off the alarm. Please refer to the 10WW H&S and Building Use document for details about the alarm.

The last person needs to check all the rooms are vacated, close all windows and switch on the alarm.

Room booking overview will be circulated – but this can vary and you need to actually check the building.

It is therefore very important that you put an accurate sign outside your room. 

The key for the garden door is on the green cord in the drawer in the basement. 


The house is well-insulated and the radiators heat the rooms very quickly. Please turn off the radiator when you have finished, this is especially important if it is the end of the day. Please turn off the basement under-floor heating if you turn it on.